Loneliness means not you are alone,

It means that you found yourself.

It doesn’t means nobody with you,

It means that you always with yourself,

And you never depends on anyone.

Loneliness veer our life,

In such a way which is numb,

Where desires never exist,

No one can be wound on this way.

Loneliness annul all our troubles,

All our disturbances, all our stresses,

And many reasons of our depression.

Loneliness made us bearable,

For each and every circumstances,

It means it is the way of self discovery.

On this way you will be always quench.

So, if you are alone, never worry about it,

In fact it is the better opportunity,

For self – discovery ,

And to prove you are enough ,

Alone for facing each and everything…!!!

Burning Issue : Women Empowerment

Whole of the world celebrated women’s day on 8th March, a day which represents the political, economic & social achievements of women. There are many laws protecting women against dowry system,domestic violence & harassment at work place, but still in our society women facing too many problems regarding to their education, indecency and security. Everyone knows our government made many rules and regulations and taken many initiatives towards “Women Empowerment” and I agree that some of them has been successful or few of them are on track such as “BETI BACHAO BETI PADAO SCHEME” & “WOMEN HELPLINE SCHEME” and there are many acts made for women security i.e. “THE SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF WOMEN AT WORK PLACE PREVENTION, PROHIBITION,& REDRESSAL ACT ,2013” , “DOWRY PROHIBITION ACT,1961” & “PROTECTION OF WOMEN FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT ,2005 ” & many more . But yet those social evils are far from being eradicated. Though many women playing a significant role in national politics today such as Sushma Swaraj (Minister of external affair), Vasundhra Raje ( CM of Rajasthan) , Sonia Gandhi ( Congress President & chairperson of UPA ) , Mamta Banerjee (1st CM of West Bengal & also the 1st women railway minister of India ) , & so on. But still only 33% of Lok Sabha seats comprise of women. The problem lies deep within, amendments in Constitution will remain inactive until the perspective of the society changes. In fact women had always gave their best in every field of work as our history is evidence about this. But root of problem is in the mind of an individual who thought only about patriarchal society that is the reason behind our society still male dominated.

In Modern India ,the women has always been treated as a second grade citizen and that is the reality of our society .

When we talk about education, here still a huge variation between male and female. India has been ranked 38th  among the 51 developing countries for female literacy rate. As per 2011 census, 82.14% of adult men are educated while only 65.46% of adult women is known to be educated.

So., It is very essential to eradicating this gap & educating women which leads to development of India.

In terms of security of women , the countless surveys shows  how dismal the situations in the metropolitan cities like Delhi , Bangalore etc. which stands as a glorious symbol of national progress. Even I got fed up of listening these types of brutality news such as trafficking of women for sexual exploitation ( higher in Andhra Pradesh ), gang rapes, kidnapping, molestation, harassment, dowry death & some cases where the mother in law abuses her daughter in law due to trivial issues like birth of girl child or on the other hand some cases about daughter in law came in front in which she wants a nuclear family and leaves their in laws for only their selfish motive that’s the reason behind old age homes . I have seen many cases and I thought in today’s era cruelty taken over the place of humanity because everyone has their own selfish motive for doing anything and those will never thought that one of their negative aspect how much affects one’s life . So, that is the part of our society which represents there is few scarcity in the mentality of individuals as well as governance.

Somewhere , I said, lack in governance because some political elites and administrator choose to help perpetrators and just ignore the matter of Justice for the victims.

Lastly , I want to say only one thing that is there needs to be a positive change in mind set of the peoples.